Model SER/SEU Rated Voltage 600V XLPE Insulated Power Cable

Min. Order: 1 Other

Delivery Lead Time: 100 days

Place of Origin: China


Product Description:

Applicable Standard

Model SER/SEU type cables meet the following standard requirements:

1. ASTM B-800, ASTM B-801

2. The requirement for XHHW-2 in UL 44 standard

The requirement for SER/SEU in UL 854 standard

3. RoHS environmental conductive requirement

4. UL file No.#E466669

Cable Construction

The aluminum alloy conductor cable conductor for SER/SEU type cable is AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductor, tight press stranding. Its insulated wire core meets the requirements of model XHHW-2 in UL44 standard, the insulation material is wear-resistant, moisture-resistant and heat-resistant cross-linked polyethylene, and the insulation has flame retardant properties to meet the requirements of FT2 horizontal combustion test. The outer core of the cable core is wrapped in a layer of fiber braided reinforced tape, and the insulated wire core and outer sheath meet the 720h daylight resistance performance requirements.

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