Model XHHW/XHHW-2 Rated Voltage 600V XLPE Insulated Power Cable

Min. Order: 1 Other

Delivery Lead Time: 100 days

Place of Origin: China


Product Description:

It can also be applied to medical facilities with a dielectric constant of not more than 3.5 specified in the U.S. Electrotechnical Act 517.160, and the cables of this product specification can be installed and laid without the help of lubrication systems.
Applicable Standard
Model XHHW-2 cables meet the following standard requirements:
1. ASTM-All Applicable Standards for all ASTMs
2. UL 44 standard UL Standard 44
3. The RoHS Environmental Directive requires RoHS Environmental Directive requirement
4. UL file number# E 466693 UL-File No.#E466693
Cable Construction
Model XHHW-2 aluminum alloy conductor cable conductor is AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductor, tight press stranding. Its insulation is wear-resistant, moisture-proof and heat-resistant cross-linked polyethylene, and the insulation has flame retardant properties to meet the requirements of FT2 horizontal combustion test. All cable specifications meet the 720h daylight resistance requirements.

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